Snow Forest
William Morgan has the money and the organization to pull off almost anything. In the CIA he devoted much of his life fighting communist regimes and dictators. Now, as a rogue agent, he has taken on the United States Government by kidnapping the President’s personal physician and another man, Walt McCory, a prominent businessman. Desperate to hide a massive cover-up, the government must find Morgan and the doctor before it all ends up in the press. Unfortunately, Morgan has disappeared and not been seen for over ten years.

 In this action thriller, Dan King is asked by the government to help find his old friend, William Morgan. After Dan agrees to the challenge, he is introduced to the likable Randal Stone, a geeky looking, young and energetic FBI Agent who is assigned to keep an eye on King.

 This duo sets out to find Morgan and rescue the two hostages. The trail leads them from a Washington, D.C. cocktail party to the Western plains and Morgan’s enclave.

 The story weaves through twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing at what comes next, as nothing is what it seems to be. 
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