Jim Stryker Word War II Mystery Series
It began in 1936, before the Olympics … before Poland … before Dunkirk … before the air battles over the Channel … and before the Americans. 

As the Wehrmacht looks for every advantage over England, a young SS officer devises a wicked scheme. Now in the final stages, they make one mistake … they meet Jim Stryker.

Jim Stryker is a young clean-cut pilot from the Midwest.  Before the war, he was a police detective assigned to Homicide and Missing Persons.  Joined by two unsuspecting sidekicks, the trio take on the crimes no one else can handle.
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They thought they had a foolproof plan … all the men they needed … perfect timing and a well-conceived cover. But no one counted on being double crossed.

And no one counted on Jim Stryker showing up.

Follow Jim Stryker and his team as the take on a new adventure in Algiers.
Jim Stryker and his team are called to Italy to solve a missing person case.  There is only one problem … they do not know who is missing. 

 Their investigation uncovers a major crime operation that is in its final stages. In a race against time, Stryker’s team unravels the mystery and all its secrets.

Follow Jim Stryker and his team as they take on a new foe in Rome.