Nazi wealth. Fact or fiction? 

Dan King uses the myth of Nazi wealth to trap an international art thief and bring him to justice.

André Dychmann financed the theft of an ancient mosaic from a Greek Orthodox church in Cypress. He thought he had waited long enough to sell them, but he was wrong. Margaret Goldsworthy, purchased major portions of the mosaic and shipped them to the United States where the original crime was uncovered. After a lengthy trial, she was ordered to return the works of art to their original owners. She has lost her money, her art and her reputation has been tarnished. Now, she wants revenge.

Goldsworthy hires Dan King to find Dychmann, bilk him out of the money she paid and return him to the Cypriot authorities to stand trial. 

Follow Dan King and his three friends in this fast paced story of intrigue and adventure as they travel throughout Europe and set up a masterful sting in the Mediterranean.

The premise of this story is loosely based on the real theft of mosaics from a church in Cyprus. For more information on this historic event click on one of the menu items at the left. 
Mediterranean Mosaic

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